Seriously Unprepared is Jeff Murdoch and Jo Scott. Together they have written and starred in numerous “Seriously Unprepared Presents” comedy shorts and improvise regularly throughout Chicago. Jo and Jeff co-wrote episode 3 of NYTVF’s first original series, “The Jamz,” which can be seen on Netflix. They also created, wrote, and starred in the webseries “Curfeud,” and the sitcom pilot “Family Heirloom,” both of which were official selections of the New York Television Festival.


Jeff is a Chicago comedian and writer who has had the opportunity to perform all over the city at The Annoyance, Second City, Upstairs Gallery and iO Theater among many others. Currently he is a member of the 106th Mainstage Revue at the Second City. If you're in Chicago, come check it out!

Jeff's favorite comedic opportunities have always come from his work with Jo Scott in Seriously Unprepared, both in writing and performing. Jeff doesn't want to brag but he was born in Detroit and lived on a cruise ship for 7 months.


Jo Scott has been writing and performing comedy in Chicago for over 8 years. She has written and co-written over two dozen plays, sketch shows, and solo revues. For the last 6 years, Jo has worked closely with her best friend and comedy partner, Jeff Murdoch.

When she’s not performing with Seriously Unprepared, you can catch Jo playing with her iO Harold team Smokin’ Hot Dad, independent all-lady team, Super Human, Second City's Touring Company, or producing & performing in Annoyance Theatre’s weekly sketch show, Holy Fuck Comedy Hour. You may have seen her on Adult Swim in Joe Pera Helps You Find the Perfect Christmas Tree or in a variety of artistically satisfying internet commercials.

Jo hails from South Bend, Indiana, and served two years in the jungles of Suriname as a Peace Corps volunteer. Jo and her husband, Peter, are proud parents to twin monsters.



Rich has been making videos that have required editing for like 10 years. Sometimes those videos are just 7 birds eating a piece of pizza while he sings "bird pizza party". He currently owns 2 books on directing and lives with his neurotic dog, 2 dumb cats, and a super lady named Katie (who helps make videos happen).


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